Coming together on Gilchrist

  To the Editor: I fully support the mission of the churches on Gilchrist, but as a resident of Gilchrist I also want to protect the historical neighborhood I love. It is time for us to come together to provide ample church parking on the median for scheduled church services, weddings and funerals. If this […]

‘Taste’ tickets make great Christmas gifts

To the Editor: Thank you so very much for your continued support of the “Taste of Boca Grande.” Last year the event raised over $45,000, enough for the Harry Chapin Food Bank to supply over $270,000 in food value to families in need. We were again thrilled with this wonderful community event and so pleased […]

Thanks to many for a great Chamber Christmas Walk

  To the Editor: The Board of Directors of the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce want to extend many thanks to those who helped make our 2015 Boca Grande Christmas Walk a success. The Christmas Walk is a perfect example of how Boca Grande is a tight-knit, charming and fun community to be a […]

Save Gilchrist: Green space needed

To the Editor: First of all, I want to publicly applaud Buzzy Stevenson and the GICIA for initiating the drive to save the Mercado property for the benefit of all Boca Grande. The outpouring of positive responses proves the conviction that everyone has to protect our island environment and preserve our limited, treasured green space. […]

More Gilchrist clarifications and elaboration

  To the Editor: I was disturbed at the gratuitous use of my name in the lengthy “Gilchrist timeline” article in the Beacon last week. I do not understand just what you were attempting to imply in the following paragraph: “Renowned architect and current president of the Boca Grande Historic Preservation Board, Tim Seibert, purchased […]

GICIA asks everyone to consider the importance of Mercabo purchase

■ BY MISTY NICHOLS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE GICIA The GICIA has set its sights on Mercabo (the 30-acre parcel at the entrance to the Boca Grande Causeway). With the threat of development looming and Charlotte County again amending their comprehensive plan to allow for an increase in density from the current 3.5 units up […]

Are outboards changing the landscape of the sandbar?

To the Editor: I might be mistaken, but I have recently noticed, crossing the second bridge heading toward Boca, and looking to my left next to where numerous “redneck yacht club” outings have been held, the sand has filled in across the channel in front of the trestle. Perhaps this has been like this and […]

Southwest Florida scientists tracking changes in red tide

To the Editor: Mote Marine Laboratory scientists in Southwest Florida and others along Florida’s Gulf Coast are closely monitoring counts of red tide algae, after noting low-level increases of these algae cells in multiple seawater samples during the past two weeks. K. brevis, the single-celled, harmful algae that causes Florida red tide, occurs naturally in […]

Public input requested reference village parking

■  SUBMITTED BY THE GASPARILLA ISLAND CONSERVATION AND IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION – As we begin to feel the changes that fall brings to the island, we eagerly anticipate the return of our winter residents and yet another busy season in Boca Grande.Throughout the summer months Lee County staff and a small group of dedicated island residents have […]