Be careful what you wish for

To the Editor: “All for one and one for all.” Funny, that seems to be the battle cry of people like me. But hey, I guess it’s the battle cry of anyone who takes a side on any issue. Now, I haven’t hired a lawyer, but I do know that Lee County requires the beach […]

Maugham sends out challenge to Benacquisto to sign ‘Now or Neverglades’

Jason Maughan is vying for the District 27 Florida Senate seat currently held by Lizbeth Benacquisto. He has issued a challenge to his District 27 Florida Senate opponent to sign the Now or Neverglades Declaration. In her official statements and campaign literature, Senator Benacquisto claims she supports stopping Lake Okeechobee releases and is in favor […]

Beach-access resident rebuts last week’s editorial

To the Editor: I was disappointed to read the editorial, “The parking-challenged ghosts of Boca Grande” on July 22nd. I found it mean-spirited and inaccurate, seemingly intended to foster an antagonistic relationship between so-called selfish beach street property owners and everyone who parks on these streets. As a homeowner and president of our neighborhood association, […]

Thank you all for making Ladies Mix & Match a great day!

To the Editor: Ladies Draw: Mix and Match Tarpon Tournament was so much fun! Congrats to our winners! First-place winners on the Tracy Lynn with Capt. Willie Mills were Kalee Joiner, Candy Brooks, Leslie Edwards and Jodi Alice. Second-place winners on the Casuarina with Capt. Charlie Coleman were Nicole Coleman, Alex Young, Cannon Jones Wenzel […]

Voting should never be a burden, an inconvenience or a problem

■  BY CARMEN SALOME When Lyndon Johnson was shepherding the landmark civil rights bills through Congress in 1964 … laws banning discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, or national origin … he told an aide that the most important piece of legislation was yet to come. He believed his most important legacy would be […]

Clean up on 13th Street, please …

To the Editor: I often wonder if some folks here ponder … Now that I have purchased a very expensive slice of paradise, how do I make sure that I can get a little more for free? On Gilchrist they do it with pretty flowers, flyers and false history. On 13th Street they do it with […]

What you took was more than just a tree – for shame

To a Thief: For shame! Did you have to sneak around in the middle of the night lest you be seen by my neighbors as you stole my miniature pine tree from an urn in front of my home? That little pine has a story. It was originally only 4” – 5” tall, one of […]

Due process for all is good, but what about this slippery slope?

To the Editor: There’s been a lot of news in the past few weeks. I would like to throw in my two cents. Anyone who thought the Beacon’s editorials were left-leaning should reread my friend Marcy’s editorial on due process. If you have ever seen Marcy and me standing on the Beacon porch, arms flailing in […]

UK visitors receive not-so-friendly welcome to island

To the Editor: Hello to you. My husband, Mick and I have been coming to the Island for over the past seven years, We live in the UK and regularly visit Boca Grande, This year on Father’s Day we decided to spend the day at the beach and we headed for 13th Street. We arrived […]

Encouragement appreciated during search for swimmer

To the Editor: As everyone is aware, on the afternoon of Saturday, June 18, the Boca Grande Fire Department responded to a call for a missing swimmer at the Range Light. With other similar calls worked into the mix, the operation ended up being extended over the next several days. The Department would like to […]