Profile: Jennifer Burdette Campbell

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Busy. It’s the word that comes to mind when thinking of Jennifer Burdette Campbell, a work-at-home mom to three children who calls Boca Grande her home. She and her husband, Dan, own Campbell Mechanical, a building information and infrastructure company, and Jennifer can frequently be seen around The Island School and the […]

Profile: Mary Smedley

BY JACK SHORT – Three years ago, I wrote my first profile. The subject was a former ambassador to Morocco and an undersecretary general of the United Nations. I could barely fit his resume on any number of pages, and in trying to show how elite he was (and consequently how important I was), I […]

PROFILE: Gene Glidden

BY JACK SHORT – Gene Glidden is soft-spoken, ruddy-cheeked man whose cheerful demeanor belies the ruthlessness of the man who sits atop a commercial and residential painting empire. Just kidding. But he is absolutely cheerful, if a little quiet, and he built a business out of nothing that now reaches into several counties. In 40 […]

Profile: Christine Stites

BY JACK SHORT – She’s Chrissy to most, but only if you knew her after she moved here. Or before she became a professional. It’s a little confusing. She had switched to Christine in order to be taken more seriously, but Boca Grande apparently has a surfeit of Christine’s (or Christina’s), so it was back […]

Profile: Joshua Karl

BY JACK SHORT – Joshua Karl would have had to try pretty hard to end up in a place more different than Boca Grande. When he grew up here on the island, he went by Joshua Johnson, of the “harbor pilot” Johnsons. But as he prepares to turn 40, he does so as a designer in […]

Profile: Scott O’Connor

BY JACK SHORT – To put it simply, Scott O’Connor is living the good life. He and his wife, Kristin, aren’t cruising the seas in luxury yachts or gambling in Monte Carlo, but he lives in a tropical paradise (let’s face it, that’s Boca Grande in a nutshell) golfing, swimming and raising rescue dogs, cats […]

Profile: Nancy Lynne Hyde

  BY JACK SHORT – For Nancy Lynne Hyde, family is everything. When asked what inspires her, innervates her, she didn’t hesitate to say that she loves working with kids and spending time with her family. She is a licensed real estate agent, working as an assistant to Carol Stewart, and a cheerful participant in […]

Profile: Jeremy (Chino) Chamathorn

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – When Jeremy Chamathorn (a.k.a. Jeremy Chino) first came to Boca Grande, he was astounded by the island’s beauty. His cousin, Patrick Vollmer, had enticed him here with the promise of a job working in paradise. It wasn’t until Jeremy arrived here that he realized just how true that was. “My first thought […]

Profile: The new minister in town, Matthew Williams

BY JACK SHORT – Sometimes it takes a few knocks at the door before someone finally answers. For Rev. Matthew Morgan Williams, the new pastor at the United Methodist Church of Boca Grande, the call to pastorship came knocking three times before he knew he had to say yes. Matthew was raised a devout Christian […]

A tale of two soldiers … Walter Tatko and John Bourgoin

BY JACK SHORT – To anyone who happened upon a scene in the kitchen of the Palmetto Inn recently, two men pouring over maps with their wives and siblings, sandwiches and soup cooking on the other side of the counter, it might have seemed like they were reminiscing over a European vacation taken years before. […]