Profile: The new minister in town, Matthew Williams

BY JACK SHORT – Sometimes it takes a few knocks at the door before someone finally answers. For Rev. Matthew Morgan Williams, the new pastor at the United Methodist Church of Boca Grande, the call to pastorship came knocking three times before he knew he had to say yes. Matthew was raised a devout Christian […]

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A tale of two soldiers … Walter Tatko and John Bourgoin

BY JACK SHORT – To anyone who happened upon a scene in the kitchen of the Palmetto Inn recently, two men pouring over maps with their wives and siblings, sandwiches and soup cooking on the other side of the counter, it might have seemed like they were reminiscing over a European vacation taken years before. […]

Profile: Willy Townsend

BY JACK SHORT – Willy Townsend is proof of a lot of things, not the least of which among them is that you can get up to a little mischief and still turn out alright.

Profile: Louise du Pont Crowninshield, fairy godmother of Boca Grande

In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday, we wanted to do something special for our profile. After much consideration the only path we found suitable was to pursue a profile about Louise du Pont Crowninshield, who did so much for our little island community for so many years.

Profile: Nancy McBean, a bridge-playing machine

BY JACK SHORT – If you happen to wander into a meeting of the most prominent bridge club on the island, they might strike you as a pretty homogenous group, quietly pouring over what seems, to the uninitiated, an inscrutable set of tables and cards. Somewhere near the front of the room sits Nancy McBean, […]

Profile: Oschter Haws

BY M KURZHAUS – Woe, had he had it in his genetics to lead the simple life of a normal lepus curpaeum. He, instead, is cursed – yet he is blessed – to have been given the gift of becoming what all of you know as the Easter Bunny (or, if you are German, Oschter Haws). He […]

A man who wore every hat in Boca Grande: Darrell Polk

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Another piece of Boca Grande’s heart was lost this week, as Darrell Polk passed away at the age of 84. He now joins his wife, Margaret, who passed away in June of last year. There was hardly an important job on Gasparilla Island that Darrell either didn’t have at one point […]

Profile: Pastor Brian Brightly

BY JACK SHORT – Pastor Brian Brightly is a remarkably energetic speaker and a progressive thinker. I confess I’ve never attended a sermon given by the pastor – but I spent a week in Cuba with the man and had a few long conversations besides. I also learned it may be necessary to interject more forcefully […]

Profile: Peter Roberts

BY JACK SHORT – Peter Roberts has a small town sensibility, tempered by southern hospitality. There’s also some Texan straight-shooting in there, literally and figuratively, which is something you don’t get to say very often. He grew up in Old Greenwich, Ct., hence the small town influence. But Peter went to lengths to avoid staying […]