Two local parks projects to be considered by TDC

BY JACK SHORT – Representatives of Gasparilla Island State Parks submitted two applications to be included among the Lee County Tourism Development Council’s Beach and Shoreline project requests for the 2015/2016 funding cycle.

Health Clinic discusses stroke response, board elections and accreditation at annual meeting

BY JACK SHORT – Members of the Boca Grande Health Clinic had their annual meeting to conduct some housekeeping, learn about stroke response and elect or reelect board members, and to celebrate their recent accreditation.

‘Every person counts’: SWFWMD permit guidelines show islanders are doing it right regarding water consumption

The Gasparilla Island Water Association announced this week that the island’s water consumption has actually decreased, even with a slight increase in population. A withdrawal permit, issued by Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) in 2011, included a requirement that islanders reduce daily average water use per person from an average of 176 gallons to […]

Remembering Mark …

On Wednesday evening, April 22, the main room of the Crowninshield Community House was packed with friends and family of Mark Shevitski, an island friend who played a vital role in Boca Grande’s history. While many spoke of how Mark’s departure is such a loss, one man never got a chance to speak. The following […]

Boca Grande Dog Show raises $13,000 for homeless pets at Suncoast

The Boca Grande Dog Show, recently hosted by the Boca Grande Woman’s Club, raised $13,000 for Suncoast Humane Society. The biennial event was held at the Boca Grande Community Center on March 28, with almost 60 dogs competing and many more there to observe.

Profile (revisited): Mark Shevitski

The following is a profile done on Mark Shevitski by the Boca Beacon in August of 1992. It was written by Karen Parker Cromley and has not been adapted in any way. Mark passed away last week, leaving our island cloaked in sadness. You can find his obituary in the April 17 edition of the […]

Suncoast cats jet off to new home in England

BY PHIL SNYDER, SUNCOAST HUMANE SOCIETY – Feline siblings Binx and Little Girl had been available for adoption at Suncoast Humane Society since November 2014. Earlier this month the adoption team at the Society’s Animal Care Center received a call from the United Kingdom. Brian Port reminded staff that he and his wife Jenny had visited […]

A treasured man, a heartbroken island …friends gather to honor Mark Shevitski

BY MARCY SHORTUSE AND KELLI BECTON – Many tears have been shed this week over the passing of a true Boca Grande friend, Mark Shevitski. His death was reported early Monday morning and while not much is known as to how it happened, hearts are breaking all over the island. He was born in Fort […]

Gilchrist meeting postponed – Lee County says ‘talk it out amongst yourselves’

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Lee County Commissioners have once again put the fate of Gilchrist Avenue in the hands of the people of the island, after scheduling and then “unscheduling” a discussion of the matter at the April 21 board meeting. On Friday, April 10 District 3 Commissioner Larry Kiker met with individuals from all sides […]

Four members elected, four members leave: GICIA talks Cape Haze, new projects at meeting

SUBMITTED BY THE GICIA – The GICIA held its 44th Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 2. Reports were give by President Stevenson and Treasurer Allen as well as the Chairs of the Bike Path, Land Conservancy and Communications Committee. Bob Elliott, Chair of Communications, introduced the GICIA’s 3.5 minute video “Keeping it Grande,” which […]