Come say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Guinness World Records’ Oldest Manatee at South Florida Museum

To the Editor: Snooty is an extra special Florida manatee who sets records every day for how long we know manatees can live. That fact has now been documented by the Guinness World Records. He has been named Guinness World Records’ “Oldest Manatee in Captivity.” Snooty lives at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, in […]

Profile: Joshua Karl

BY JACK SHORT – Joshua Karl would have had to try pretty hard to end up in a place more different than Boca Grande. When he grew up here on the island, he went by Joshua Johnson, of the “harbor pilot” Johnsons. But as he prepares to turn 40, he does so as a designer in […]

Minimum wake expansion proposed by Charlotte MAC

BY JACK SHORT – A proposed minimum-wake zone expansion that began as an effort by a small group of homeowners has passed its first major hurdle. The Charlotte County Marine Advisory Committee heard presentations over the last two months from the public representing homeowners in Boca Grande North and in houses along Gulf Shores Drive, […]

Little information available about $1 million that would have gone to Gasparilla Island State Park

BY JACK SHORT – An item stricken from the 2015-2016 Florida budget that would have sent $1 million to the Gasparilla Island State Park contained little information about how the money would have been used, other than that it was marked for “the assessment and evaluation” of lands for purchase inside the optimum park boundary. […]

Intrigue in Australia leads back to Florida and Boca Grande

BY JACK SHORT – Bill Caldwell remembers him as a straight-laced, hard-working fisherman, not as a smuggler and international fugitive. The Tampa Bay Times recently broke a story about a man who died in a traffic accident in Australia, and was revealed to be Ray Stansel, wanted for smuggling marijuana into Florida during the 70s. […]

Sheriff’s Office to patrol Bike Path this weekend

The Gasparilla Island Conservation and Improvement Association (GICIA) encourages everyone to have a safe 4th of July celebration this year. Undoubtedly, there will be increased usage of the GICIA Bike Path over the holiday weekend. In its ongoing efforts to maintain a safe path for all users, the GICIA has coordinated with the Lee County […]

Help a local captain and have a great time doing it this Sunday

Fundraising for Capt. Jimmy Robertson continues on Sunday, July 5 at The Sand Bar. There will be a fish fry at 2 p.m., and more auctions and raffles will be held. There will also be a corn hole tournament. The cost to get in the fish fry is $12 per person. Call (352) 586-0480 with […]

Celebrate shark week with Mote Marine in many different ways

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium will dive into the science behind some of the ocean’s most fascinating fishes during this year’s Shark Days at Mote with “Real Sharks, Real Science,” a family-friendly celebration from Monday through Saturday, August 10 through 15.

Prepare your pets for the Fourth of July festivities this weekend

The 4th of July is not a time of celebration for our pets. If they could read calendars they would be packing up to leave about now. The fireworks that many people find so thrilling can drive pets, especially dogs, into a state of panic. Explosions from fireworks can often be felt and heard for […]

Your weekly sea turtle nesting numbers From the Boca Grande Sea Turtle Association

At right is our weekly sea turtle numbers, as recorded by the Boca Grande Sea Turtle Association. One thing to remember this week particularly, though, is to clean up the beach after any Fourth of July celebrations. Be mindful of all trash and fill in holes dug in the sand. Remove all beach furniture and […]