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Red tide status this week

November 23, 2022
Over the past week red tide was present in very low to high concentrations in and offshore of Sarasota County, background to high concentrations in and offshore of Charlotte County, very low to hi…

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: FWC extends the deadline for waivers for unsalvageable vessels following Hurricane Ian

November 23, 2022
To the Editor: Following Hurricane Ian’s landfall, vessel owners were given a 45-day grace period to bring derelict vessels into compliance or remove them from state waters. The grace period en…

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A letter of thanks for so many things

November 23, 2022
To the Editor:   This Thanksgiving we are thankful for PCI Construction for taking our store from destroyed to dazzling in 45 days. We are thankful for the United Methodist Church and t…

Photo pages: Hank Wright Golf Tournament

April 14, 2022
Boca Beacon backpages for 4.15.2022 p21-2Download

SUNCOAST SAL: SHS joins the Giving Challenge 2022

April 8, 2022
Suncoast Humane Society will join over 700 other nonprofits for The Giving Challenge 2022, a 24-hour online giving event that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organiz…

The Becky Buller Band to perform at Coconut Cabaret

March 11, 2022
When Becky Buller started to play the fiddle back home in Minnesota, little did she know it would be her ticket around the world. “I grew up playing bluegrass music with my family back home in …

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In search of the umbrella slasher

March 11, 2022
To the Editor: This past week we have had some very unfortunate happenings on our beautiful beach here in Boca Grande.  It all started on Monday, Feb. 28 when we glanced out to the beac…

Boots is coming back to the post office … and she’s bringing beads

March 3, 2022
BY BOOTS TOLSDORF Decision made: After two years of not selling beads down by the Boca Grande Post office, I am coming back! Look for me, weather permitting, on Friday, March 11 a.m. (Thursday …

Learn about peeling rocks like fruit and more at ZimSculpt

March 3, 2022
Zimbabwe is the only African country with vast amounts of carvable stone. In fact, the stone found there is of such great importance to the people of Zimbabwe, that the word “Shona” is derived fro…

Lemon Bay High School Theater presents ‘Into the Woods’

March 3, 2022
The musical theatre community mourned en masse when the iconic Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim passed away at the age of 91 on November 26, 2021. Broadway luminaries, such as Lin Manuel Miranda…