Thanks to many for a great Chamber Christmas Walk

December 11, 2015
By Marcy Shortuse

kindra claus
To the Editor:
The Board of Directors of the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce want to extend many thanks to those who helped make our 2015 Boca Grande Christmas Walk a success.
The Christmas Walk is a perfect example of how Boca Grande is a tight-knit, charming and fun community to be a part of. It’s an evening when we can appreciate the island’s beauty and all the people we share it with. A night where the streets are lit with Christmas lights, and everyone is out and about, making memories with friends and family. Everyone shopped, laughed and enjoyed the treats the shops provided.
Thank you, Santa Claus, for stopping by during your busiest time of the year. As always, you were the hit of the evening. And many thanks to the Boca Grande Fire Department for all of their help this year (and every year), and for bringing Santa safely to his destination in front of The Loose Caboose. Thanks to Blanche and Jacques, once again, for letting us position Santa in front of the restaurant.
Many thanks to McHugh-Porter Builders for getting us a good amount of sand for the luminary bags.
A huge thank you to all the Chamber volunteers who took time out of their Saturday to help, particularly to John Paul Turner and Jordan Caron, who always seem to end up saving the day. Thanks to Kevin and Nancy Hyde, Julianne Greenberg and Wendy Herda for helping to clean up as well.
Thanks to our Kendra, our fine elf, for going above and beyond to make sure the Walk was a success.
We hope to see you all at the January annual membership meeting.
Boca Grande Chamber
Board of Directors:
Marcy Shortuse
Candy Brooks
Sandy Melvin
Brian Corcoran
Nat Italiano
Gary Cross