Thanks from the Art Center to Nat and crew

March 30, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
The Boca Grande Art Center and the Boca Grande Garden Club have joined for the past few years to present to the community our annual Art in Bloom exhibit. This year was stupendous. We owe a great deal to Nat Italiano and his agency for the generous, consistent and enthusiastic support year after year. Without businesses like the Italiano Agency, the Art Center would not be able to offer the quality and quantity of classes that we do.
We add to that lectures, exhibits and shows to accomplish our mission of bringing the arts to Boca Grande.
We thank you, Nat and crew, for your wonderful sponsorship.
Special thanks to Garden Club Liaison Ginny McCloskey along with show coordinators Linda Aley, David Pearah, Gina Riddiford and Margo Russell.
Thank you to Garden Club liaisons Ann Peterson and Anne Bowman and all of the designers for the Art in Bloom arrangements.
Barbara Vanyo
Boca Grande Art Center
Art in Bloom show chair