Many thanks from ‘One More Day’ Foundation

December 13, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
We at One More Day Foundation would like to thank the Boca Grande community from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donations made to us after our recent mailing. As you know, we provide foster hospice for homeless dogs and ensure a beautiful last chapter for each dog. We place foster dogs with magnificent volunteer “fospice guardians,” giving the greatest gift we can give to these richly deserving four-legged companions: love throughout their last breath. Because we are a network without the overhead of a facility, your donations go directly to support our fospice dogs, providing medical care and all the physical comforts, as well as love. When the suffering takes over and the bad days outnumber the good, we provide in-home euthanasia by a trusted veterinarian.
The very day one generous donation arrived from the Boca Grande community, we rescued a beautiful senior German shepherd who had been abandoned to die in the woods in Sarasota County because she is old and arthritic, and despite having given her human family fourteen “great” years! Thanks in large part to you, German shepherd Shelly is now living the wonderful last chapter she so richly deserves, adored and lovingly cared for by one of our fospice guardians. And that, of course, is only one of many deeply gratifying fospice stories!
We are very grateful to Island Dog Boutique & Supply Co. and its customers who donate, support and help spread the word of our mission, and also thankful to the Boca Beacon for spreading the word about One More Day Foundation in a recent article.
If we missed you in our recent mailing and you would like to donate, please mail your tax-deductable donation to us at One More Day Foundation, Inc., 652 N. Elm St., Englewood, FL 34223, Or donate through our website, We are currently in need of dog beds, blankets, bowls, collars and leashes. We can also accept nonexpired prescription meds, in particular pain meds and arthritis relief. Donations of these items help improve our bottom line, and all can be dropped off at Island Dog Boutique.
Again, thank you for choosing to help us help these wonderful dogs in their final days.
Note: One More Day Foundation has just been given the 2019 Spirit of Englewood Award.
Sarah Whitten-Grigsby, President & Founder
Johanna Pfeiffer, Director of Fundraising
652 N.Elm St.
Englewood, FL 34223