LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Monday morning, another restless night

May 8, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:

Well, its 3:45 AM and I woke up early again. Last night was very disturbing to me and my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about what I heard.

No, I didn’t watch the news, or the President’s town hall on Fox. I don’t think I listened to the news at all yesterday.

Last night my siblings and I, and our spouses spent time talking to each other over Zoom for two hours. I’m the oldest of eight.  The youngest is 58. We lost one brother a few years ago due to a terrible, avoidable accident. They live in Wisconsin, California and Arizona.

Prior to my mother’s death over 30 years ago, I promised her that I would keep the family together; enjoying each other’s company and providing support. I have done that and continue to do so.

I became terribly disturbed as we each took a turn to share what was happening in our lives over the past two weeks since we last talked.

The overwhelming sadness I heard was heart breaking.  Many are unable to see their children and grandchildren and this is tearing them up emotionally. The few who were able to see part of their family, told of having to try to explain to small children why they weren’t suppose to hug them.

A sister-in-law, who has established food plots on her farm for many families, shared that she had to schedule people so they don’t meet other families. To do otherwise resulted in the children wanting to play together.

My brother, music director at his church, shared that the church leaders thought for the next year they might not have regular church services, and the choir won’t be meeting and practicing.

A sister-in-law, who ran a successful one-person ad agency for decades serving small businesses, shared that almost all of her customers businesses are dead and the owners have no idea what the future will bring (and her business is dead).

A sister shared that she just had a mini-stroke and has lost part of her vision. But, she’s happy because she is living with one of her five children and there is a small grandchild she watches over while the parents telecommute to work.

Many shared doing what they can to help older people (we don’t consider ourselves to be old) in their communities, buying groceries for them, cleaning lawns, etc.

A Vietnam War veteran Marine, sitting there quietly just listening, I know what he was probably thinking: “the politician’s really f’’ed it up again”.

A brother, still working in the building supply industry, shared that most of their builders have run out of work. The only customers he is seeing are people doing small home improvement projects.

Our faith is strong. We talked of watching our church services on TV and how it just isn’t the same. There is no Fellowship of Believers. One shared that her small church has been using Facebook in a manner allowing some participation by church members.

There was an underlying fear of the unknown that has been infected in us by the media over the past two months.  While they stated they don’t believe the media, the words have still impacted us.

I saw sadness and fear, not the joy of being with each other.

And I am so angry, angry at the politicians of both parties. I am particularly angry with the public employees feeding them information and leading them to false decisions. And, of course, the lying, scheming, sensationalizing media that are completely abusing the special privileges granted to them by our country’s founders in the First Article of the Bill of Rights.

It is hard to comprehend. In two months we have gone from essentially full-employment to more than 30 million unemployed people. And this number is still growing.

The President is blowing smoke, every time he claims we’ll bounce back. I call BS. He’s lived too long in New York with his big business.

I keep reading and hearing noise about Remdesivir, a proprietary drug looking for a use. A small double-blind test occurred. I would expect that this involved 100 people; 50 of whom received the drug. They told us that 30 percent of the 47 people who were given this drug went home from the hospital a little earlier. What happened to the other three people in the Remdesivir group? Do the math. Four people out of 100 went home a little earlier.  Why is this suddenly a great drug?  A more likely conclusion based on the numbers is that the drug is of little, if any use in treating this virus. Yet, there is Dr. Fauci talking about it. To me this looks more like stock price manipulation, not medical science.

Meanwhile, doctors in France released a report last week stating that 1,000 people were successfully treated with the cheap, generic hydroxychloroquine. This report agrees with the doctor in New York, who almost a month ago had already successfully treated 200 patients. Informal doctor groups are sharing successful treatments using the common things we have all heard work for colds –  vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, anti-inflammatories, oxygen, antibiotics to address secondary bacterial infections. Oh, and some are using hydroxychloroquine.

Why did all this happen? Why did we let them quarantine the healthy? Fear. False computer models. Media sensationalism. Federal government employees declaring the end of the world is here. Intentionally false data on the number of deaths caused by the cold.

This is not the great pandemic claimed by Dr. Fauci. Our political leaders were scammed and they don’t have enough honesty to admit this occurred, and to immediately fix the errors. They are more worried about what the media will report.

Look beyond the people you like or don’t like. Look at what they are doing. What are the first items on their list that must happen prior to phase one of the reopening? Downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses reported within a 14-day period. Downward trajectory in documented cases (tests) within a 14-day period. Then, the next day the CDC changes the restrictive requirements necessary to obtain a test, loosening those requirements, and thus ensuring that there will be more reported cases, eliminating probable downward trends.

This gave the governors who wanted it all the cover they needed to keep everyone locked in.

The absurdities are amazing. Governor Cuomo signs an order sending infected people to nursing homes, and then later claims he didn’t know. Governor Newsom signs a $1 billion dollar deal with a Chinese company to purchase medical personal protection equipment, and sends a $1/2 billion dollar down payment to this company that doesn’t produce or supply this type of product.

I heard a rumor that the CDC is going to cut the number of reported deaths in half. As best as I can tell, after much reading and study, the real number of deaths in the US from the virus is less than 15,000. Yet, for the first time in history much of the world is locking the healthy in their homes. Because of the fear they have induced in us, we, all of us, are letting this happen.

Those who still have income, either retired or working at home, don’t think it’s a big deal. To you I have only a little to say. Wake up, our country is dying around you, and if you don’t step up and help stop it, you will also eventually lose your income and freedom (and this includes the talking media heads; if there are no advertising dollars, you are fired).

The ruling class has grabbed power and they aren’t going to give it up easily. This is no longer a Republic. It is a collection of 50 dictatorships, each receiving massive cover and support from the federal government politicians and employees.

So, yes, I am also filled with fear.

Not fear of the “cold,” but of the rapid change in our country to a fascist state. And, this control is not coming to an end after each governor reluctantly begins a slow reopening. The economic damage will continue.

One of these days in the near future the rulers will “suddenly realize the economy is bad.” The political parties will blame each other. The media will weigh in heavily on the side of the Democrats and take no responsibility for their part in creating this panic.  And, the federal and state governments will decide they have to again take control, print and spend more money, and establish more rules in order to fix our economy.

Dr. Fauci said, “The great pandemic is here” (or perhaps he said finally here since he has claimed this before). He was wrong. The end of our Republic is here, and we’re going down for the final count with fear in our heads rather than the will to fight back and stop this.

What do we do?  We all must speak up and yell “enough!”  I write commentaries like this.  I write letters to editors, even knowing that my letters will most likely be discarded. I write to politicians with the hope that my comments make it past computer filters and staff censors.

It will take all of us … yelling, screaming, writing, and calling to get their attention. Please start now!

Steve Kieffer

Boca Grande