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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks to all supporters of the Historical Society

November 2, 2023
By Boca Beacon Reader

To the Editor:

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support of Boca Grande Historical Society.  We have some great plans coming up in the near future, and we are so excited about what the future holds as we approach our 30th anniversary.

 In support of that future, the Board of Directors is gathering at a board retreat later in November to review and update our strategic plan.

 We value your opinion about our impact on our community, our membership and our future focus areas. 

We greatly appreciate your response to this survey, as well as your continued partnership with us. We thank you so much for taking the time, as your feedback is valuable to us.

 Warmest regards,

Johns Knight

Board President

Boca Grande Historical Society