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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local Toys for Tots program already getting ready for Christmas, donations being accepted

October 5, 2023
By Boca Beacon Reader

To the Editor:

I know it seems early, but the Charlotte County “Toys for Tots” campaign  has already begun. Please email Toys for Tots if you have any questions at  

The following is the timeline for the program this year:

• Application Open Date: 10/1/2023 (date campaign begins accepting toy applications)

• Application Close Date: 11/15/2023 (date campaign stops accepting toy applications)

• Application Response Start Date: 11/16/2023 (date when campaign will begin reviewing and responding to applications)

• Application Response End Date: 11/23/2023 (date when campaign will complete reviewing and responding to applications)

• Distribution Start Date: 12/1/2023 (First date of toy distribution. Approved applicants will be notified of specific distribution dates and locations, check website for additional distribution details)

• Distribution End Date: 12/15/2023 (date when all toy distributions are expected to be completed).

Go to to find out more. Thank you.

Lisa Bratton

Charlotte County Coordinator

Toys for Tots