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Letter inviting Lee Commissioners in November 2024

July 6, 2024
By Boca Beacon Reader

Below is the text of a letter sent this week by Larry Hannah of Lighthouse United Methodist Church to the Board of County Commissioners:

My name is Larry Hannah and a member of the Boca Grande United Methodist Church. Today, I left a voicemail for Chairman Pendergrass requesting a meeting of all interested citizens, businesses, churches, non-profits organizations to have an open forum regarding the parking issues in Boca Grande, with the members of the Lee County Commission.

I have selected three dates of November 12 or 13 or 14, 2024, you gentlemen pick the date and most convenient time for you. This time was selected because most of the residents of Boca Grande start returning to the south starting in mid-October each year, hence we would have a better representation of the residents.

There have been mixed messages coming across about parking in the central business district as well as the Gilchrist median and the finger streets running from 1st Street to 17th Street.

There are many people who have not had an opportunity to express their views and before a decision is made on how to move forward, I am offering this opportunity for each of you to hear the points our citizens would like to make to you.

We can meet at the Boca Grande United Methodist Church, as they have a large seating capacity and good audio and visual capabilities. If you would rather not meet at a church, we can meet at the Boca Bay Power House on the far South end of the island, where we can seat 150+ persons.

I would ask Chairman Pendergrass to get back to me with a convenient time of those listed above and I will make it happen through the proper advance notice to our citizens through the Boca Beacon, our local newspaper.

Thank you for your cooperation on this very important matter for many interested citizens that haven’t had the opportunity to voice their opinions.

One other element to this parking situation, the Lee County Community Center is being remodeled to the extent of some $15,000,000 and I believe you have approved the same and it is needed for the island. However, there will be from 30 to 50 pickup trucks/cars for some 12-18 month, where do they park. Also, we are getting ready to build a new Boca Grande Health Clinic immediately North of the Community Center, the construction of this facility will overlap that of the Community Center, and will again add 30 to 50 pickup trucks/cars for a similar time frame. I am not opposed to these new facilities at all, merely pointing out to you the additional parking requirements going forward for the next couple of years.

Thank you!