Kidventors on the island: Moore triplets debut ‘The Glow Belt’

March 6, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

Boca locals may have recognized three familiar faces on ABC’s “Good Morning America” episode around Valentine’s Day.
Triplets Alex, Griffin and Philip Moore from Amherst, New Hampshire have been visiting the Island for years now. These three are not just a part of our seasonal population, but are also young inventors.
The brothers came up with an invention to keep car passengers safe and abiding by the law. “The Glow Belt” won the Invention Convention in New Hampshire in 2016, and left the boys to revel in their handiwork. 
They may not look anything alike, but boy do they think the same. A bright-eyed bunch, one with dark brown hair and glasses, another with darker-red hair, and the third with light bangs are responsible for providing a safer future.
A few months ago, “Good Morning America” contacted the family for a video of their creation, and with a little bit of luck, they landed a spot on the air.
Just after their 12th birthday, the brothers went to GMA in New York City to reveal their invention during the show’s “Kidventors” segment. Their debut hit the television on February 13th and 14th. Their interview with Strahan, Sara and Keke broadcast the story behind the ingenious development.
“The Glow Belt” was designed to provide light for the passenger to find the seatbelt, instead of having to fish around for it.
“It is a seatbelt that has lights on it so you can see it in a dark car,” said Philip.
“The idea is when our mom or dad turns on the car, the seatbelt buckle would light up and we can find it in a dark car,” said Griffin.
Their faces lit up when they showcased the power of their invention. The buckle light turned off only when the seatbelt was plugged in.
“With all of us in the back and with our boosters, it was impossible to find the seatbelt,” said Alex.
This invention could easily aid children, help taxi and Uber liability, and provide a reminder to passengers who need assistance.
The three have said they were surprised with how small and busy the GMA studio really was. “When I walked out, there was a camera right on my face,” said Philip. They did not expect stardom to be followed by cramped quarters, but they enjoyed their travel to the big city.
With their creation, the Moore boys have a bright future to look forward to.
Sue Dunlap, grandmother to the three, said she’s proud to see them work together to create such an idea. “They’re triplets but they all look different, have different heights and interests, and they are three individual personalities.”
With their February vacation from school, the boys spent their time relaxing under the Florida sun. Those inventive brains need a break from time to time.
The GMA segment runs short but brings joy and inspiration to viewers. “It makes people smile, and I think that’s what we all need sometimes,” said Dunlap.
Keep an eye out for their youngest brother, Sam, because you never know what creation is next with these boys.