Island fans from overseas question governor about red tide

August 9, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
We are regular visitors to Boca Grande from England and are horrified by what is happening with the red tide this year. It was bad enough when we were there in February/March, but we understand from friends who are part-time residents that it is now far worse!
We have seen a couple of videos kindly posted by one of your staff and have e-mailed our concerns to all the people shown on a list provided by you, including Rick Scott.
For your information, the following is the content of the e-mail:
“My husband and I have been visiting Boca Grande from the U.K. for many years and are long-term winter visitors. As regulars, we book our beachfront property twelve months in advance and are scheduled to return in March 2019.
We are sadly considering cancellation due to the awful, disastrous red tide situation!
It seems that nobody is taking any action to solve the problems before every creature in the Gulf is dead! It saddens us greatly to learn that local people are losing their livelihoods and that the tourist industry is in jeopardy. Indeed, it seems as if our once ‘Island Paradise’ is fast becoming a ‘hell on Earth.’
To enable us to make an informed decision on our 2019 vacation, can you please advise what action the Florida government is taking to resolve this awful problem?
We await your comments with interest.”
P Hodge