Fred Rich presents his latest novel at Fust for Booknotes 2021

February 20, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

T MICHELE WALKER – The Johann Fust Library Foundation kicked off it’s Island Booknotes 2021 with a successful virtual livestream event on Thursday, February 11.  Featuring author Fred Rich, who spoke about his latest novel “Escape from Extinction: An Eco-Genetic Novel” the meticulously planned event went off without a hitch. 

“The preparations for this program involved a lot of trial and error,” said Bobbie Marquis, executive director of the Johann Fust Library Foundation.  “Our audience is accustomed to gathering in the sun-drenched courtyard, under canopies, where the beautiful architecture and gardens make the library a perfect place to present a literary program.” 

In place of the courtyard, Rich spoke in front of a green screen which gave viewers a sense of being in the stately Johann Fust Library. After an entertaining and informative introduction by Marquis and Chris Cowperthwait, viewers were captivated as Rich explained the background to his latest novel.

Above (left to right): Jacque Hoyt, Karen Zarse, Bobbie Marquis, Fred Rich, Chris Cowperthwait, Stephanie Firman, Cappy Powell, Deb Nash. Photos by T Michele

“Fred has spoken in the library loggia before, and knowing what a dynamic speaker he is, we wanted to create an environment where the people watching from home would feel engaged. We broadcasted from the Cost Cottage, where we were able to maintain safe social distances. Some of the Library Foundation Board members created a small studio audience, so that Fred was speaking to human beings and not just a computer.”

“The technology of green screens, microphones and internet connections can be daunting, but we did get some help from Sean and Brooks Paxton of Shark Brothers Multimedia. They kept us on track and ensured that everything flowed according to plan. Soon we will have a video recording of the event that we will post on our website.”

For more information about Island Booknotes 2021 or to purchase a copy of  “Escape from Extinction,” call Bobbie Marquis at The Library Foundation Office 964-0211.