COVID-19 vaccine update from the Boca Grande Health Clinic

February 20, 2021
By Boca Grande Health Clinic

SUBMITTED BY THE BOCA GRANDE HEALTH CLINIC – Efforts to meet the on-island demand for the COVID-19 vaccine continue in earnest at the Boca Grande Health Clinic. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts (as of February 19):

• Over 700 – 1st doses have been safely and efficiently administered

• 600 – 2nd doses will have been provided within the next week

• 700 – patients remain on the waiting list at this time 

• 73-79 years of age – are being scheduled to receive vaccine from the most recent small supply received at the Clinic.   

• To date the Clinic has received 4 shipments of vaccine.

If you had registered interest in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination from the Clinic but have received it from another source, please use the Contact Us form on the Clinic’s website at to be removed from the waiting list. 

Like all providers, the Boca Grande Health Clinic is subject to national and state distribution plans, so we have very little, if any, control over the timing of when vaccine will be supplied. The Clinic continues to work with the state of Florida to receive additional supplies of vaccine as quickly as possible. The Clinic will continue to work its way through appointment requests within the limits of available supply.