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First Baptist Church belfry and steeple rebuild continues

December 14, 2023
By Garland Pollard

Contractors from Harper Little are this week rebuilding the trademark octagonal steeple of First Baptist Church. The reconstruction was not easy with eight sides that get narrow at the top. According to the contractor, they had to meet at a pole at the top.

“We were given a set of prints and pictures of what it looked looked like,” said Matt Deason, who was working on the project Dec. 15.

The steeple is frame, covered by an underlayment. Deeson said that top steeple was a bit of a challenge, because of the number of sides. It also had to tie at the top.

On Wednesday, they had re-tied a rope to the belfry, with a refurbished bell in the church. By Thursday, the bell was up.

Below, some images of the rebuild.