Exotic plant removal project scheduled by state park

September 23, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

gisp-sow-plan-fwc-2016In May of this year Park Service Specialist Robert Longo, applied for a grant through FWC for an exotic Plant Removal project at Gasparilla Island State Park.
The project consists of treating 85 acres of the park. It will focus on removing non-native plants such as Australian pine, carrotwood, laurel fig, lead tree, schefflera, Brazilian pepper and wedelia.
Once the non-native plants are removed it will allow native plants to begin to take root.
The park was awarded the grant in June and just recently, on September 16, the pre-bid meeting was held.
This project planned to begin this fall and should be completed before the new year.
If anyone has any questions, please contact the park at (941) 964-0375.