Complaints are appalling and sad

August 2, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
I opened my Boca Beacon a bit late this week and almost wished I hadn’t opened it at all. ALMOST – because I enjoy reading it each week so very much but the article “Eight Recent Complaints ….” was both appalling and sad. Appalling because – well, need I state the obvious? Sad because I feel so terribly bad for the person(s) who has filed these complaints. And in light of that I have a few questions for them.
Do you realize what an incredible place Boca Grande is ? Are you that unhappy that you would purchase a home there (I’m assuming that you have) – in the closest thing to paradise – and then go about trying to change the most basic of niceties ? Do you not understand that every part of the Boca Grande community is tied together in so many ways individually and collectively trying daily/weekly/monthly/annually to keep the charm and hospitality that makes the Island so special?
Do you not appreciate the countless hours in time, labor and donations that are expended to keep Boca Grande thriving yet still honoring the kind gentle place that it is – where everyone young to old can sit on those benches that anger you so much and appreciate the wonder that is Boca Grande?
You may not like the pink gas pump (which surely has been there longer than you) or the conveinence of renting a golf cart from a realtor before you cruise to the next corner to grab your ice and your newspaper. You may not even enjoy sidewalk sales or catching up on the latest fishing news while having your donut seated outside at the bakery. But surely you must like something about Boca Grande – otherwise why would you be there?
In closing I would just like to say that I do hope that someday YOU will need one of those benches because even if they are no longer there I just know the good people of Boca Grande will offer you a seat anyway. And that is why your complaints make me so sad – because – you are missing out on the entire meaning of Boca Grande – COMMUNITY.
Kelli Calhoun
Duxbury, MA
Non-resident visitor