Clinic ‘Pledge’ drive picking up speed with businesses and residents

July 31, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY MARCY SHORTUSE- Keeping Boca Grande safe is the number one goal of the Boca Grande Health Clinic, and their newest initiative, “the Boca Grande Pledge,” seems to be working.
After just one week, 34 businesses and 528 individuals have signed the pledge, which was designed to educate the public regarding the best ways to stay protected from the virus.
In a sea of COVID-19 questions and more than a little misinformation, the Clinic hopes that the pledge breaks down the most pertinent information for island residents and businesses. which will be the best route in keeping island residents, shopkeepers and visitors as safe as possible.
One of the initiatives the Clinic has taken is to acquire 70 hand sanitizing machines that will be placed strategically around town. Clinic representatives hope the hand sanitizer to fill them will be delivered in the next few days, and then they can determine the best places to put them.
Keep reading the Boca Beacon for more information regarding this initiative.
As the Clinic stated last week, “We are in this together and together we can make a difference!”
Visit (or scan the QR code with your phone) for more information and to take the Boca Grande pledge.