‘Howl’ ends tarpon tournament season: Baby ghost takes first place, ‘Last Fish’ Lamar takes second place and last fish while Miss Aubrey takes first fish

“Lamar was making a strong run late; it scared me,” Nelson said. “He hooked his fourth one with like 40 minutes left, and I thought ‘Oh, man, he’s making a run at it.’ Then we got our fifth and released it, and I felt pretty comfortable for a bit … until Lamar got his fifth and let it go with about eight minutes left in the tournament. That’s still plenty of time to get a sixth.”

Who are these groups of cyclists around Cape Haze?

As to the rides, they take place every day and can have as few as two or three riders in the heat of the summer, to 20 or 30 riders during the season, when many snowbirds migrate south. Riders come from far and wide. Carrie comes from Wyoming each winter, and Rob usually makes it from Jersey – no, not New Jersey but the island in the Channel off England. Others come from all over the U.S., but mainly from the northeastern and midwestern states. The rides are mainly in Rotonda, Gulf Cove, South Gulf Cove, the Meadows, or on any given holiday CHC ventures to Boca Grande. There is an occasional ride from Manasota Key to Casey Key, but mainly the rides stay in the Cape Haze peninsula. Several riders have raced in the past ,and many completed various long-distance trips.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Last tournament of the season wrap-up – many thanks all around for another great GIMM fundraiser!

Last tournament of the season wrap-up – many thanks all around for another great GIMM fundraiser!

EDITORIAL: A first time fishing this writer will never forget

Then, bam! Lynn felt something hit her line. Tim instantly got my rod secured and me out of the way, and then put all his attention on Lynn. She had a tarpon on the line. “You got this,” he assured her. “Reel it in.” “Bow to the king,” “Just hold on, don’t do anything.” The orders were calm, but authoritative. Captain Mark was advising Tim from his higher vantage point and moving the boat as conditions warranted.

Howl at the Moon 2022 photo coverage


Outta Line takes Kids Classic!

The race for that last fish released was a tricky one, as there were two other teams fighting tarpon as well as Searene when Capt. Sandy called the tournament at 4:50 p.m., right as a severe storm was closing in off the Gulf and another was threatening from the harbor side. Team Reel Shark released their tarpon at 5:01 p.m., but Searene was still out there fighting. It took a lot of going over observer clipboards to determine who that “last fish” winner was, but that’s why observers are so important. There were 29 boats in the field for this year’s Kids Classic, with 38 anglers under the age of 10 and 70 kids older than 10. Out of the 108 total, 70 were boys and 39 were girls.

When fishing near rookeries, use caution and take care

Fishing action is heavy right now in island waters, as is juvenile bird season. Many of our local feathered brethren are taking care of their young in their nests in local rookeries. When you combine fishing and a heavy bird presence, it doesn’t always end up well.Even when precautionary steps are taken, birds can get […]