Profile: Mike Weddle

■ BY SUE ERWIN      Mike Weddle has been alluring people onto the dance floor performing live roll and roll music in Boca Grande for nearly 20 years. Mike has been the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the Boca Bande since 1997. He is the only original member of the band of five […]

Profile Skyler Seidenberg

If you’ve visited Gasparilla Island State Park recently, chances are you might have seen Park Ranger Skyler Seidenberg putting up beach flags or doing other various duties during his shift at the park.      Skyler was born in Detroit, MI. His mother moved to Jupiter, FL (near Palm Beach) when he was about 1 […]

Profile: Pearce Presnell

■ BY SUE ERWIN Pearce Presnell has been coming to Boca Grande since he was a young boy.      His father, an avid boater and fisherman, started bringing him to the island 25 years ago. “We used to vacation here, and then my dad bought a place here in the 1990s. My brothers and […]

Profile: Donna Caso

■ BY SUE ERWIN      Although you might not see her on most days when you come into Hudson’s Market to grab lunch, Donna Caso is usually very busy working in the kitchen preparing food and stocking other items to keep the store running smoothly. Donna has been working at the store for more […]

Profile: Kevin Hyde

■ BY SUE ERWIN      Boca Grande real estate broker Kevin Hyde was born in Port Jefferson, New York, and he’s been spending the summers in southwest Florida since he was 5 years old. He remembers when he was a boy, staying at The Gasparilla Inn cottages where his father entertained business clients. “The […]

Profile: William Woodroffe

■ BY SUE ERWIN      Some of William Woodroffe’s earliest memories in Boca Grande are of the exciting times he spent learning to cast a line in the water and hoping for a catch. His parents would vacation on the island every year, and this is where his father taught him how to fish. […]

Profile: Richard and Robert Rogers

■ BY DEAN M. LAUX      If you have not yet met Richard and Robert Rogers, you have been missing out on something. The two brothers, known to most as “Rich” and “Rob,” have proved to be more itinerant than Moses and more adventuresome than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. To do justice […]

Profile: Stuie Middleton

■ BY SUE ERWIN      Stuie Middleton was born in Boca Grande. His earliest memories include spending late nights in the Boca Beacon office when his mother, Patti Middleton, well-known Boca Grande artist, helped the former staff put the paper together every week. Patti would bring a playpen to keep Stuie occupied. “When they […]

Profile: Steve Kaplan

BY SUE ERWIN – Steve Kaplan was on a short three-day vacation in Boca Grande four years ago with his wife, Jill. They were visiting his brother, who had a condo in Boca Bay, and they noticed an advertisement on the Internet for a small grocery store that was available for purchase. What was once Gil’s […]

Profile: Meryl Shaffer

BY SUSAN ERWIN – The Royal Palm Players are sure to put on plenty of amazing shows this season as Meryl Shaffer, the energetic new art director, has been keeping busy planning for an outstanding year to come. Meryl has an extensive background in theater and art management. She graduated from The Catholic University of […]