Camp kids say thanks to Woman’s Club and community through beach street clean-up

June 28, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Our 2019 Boca Grande Community Center Summer Camp kids wanted to say “Thank You” to the island and especially the Boca Grande Woman’s Club for their sincere generosity in creating a fun, educational and rewarding experience this summer. What better way to say thanks than our annual “Boca Grande Cleanup.”
Not to be deterred by the intense summer heat present on the island, the campers trekked down First Street and meandered around each of the five beach access points on Gilchrist Avenue. They finished by walking/collecting on the east side of Gilchrist Avenue.
The kids collected everything from cigarette butts (more than you can imagine), beer bottles (and a few broken ones) cans, styrofoam cups, straws, cardboard/paper products and a host of other items.  As is common every summer, they brought in quite a haul.
Lessons learned through this project and on a constant basis throughout the summer include: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Awareness, Gratitude and Empowerment.
Our campers realize that their experiences at camp would not be possible without the Woman’s Club and our Island community’s generosity. They wanted to give back, even in a small way.
Thank you from the 2019 Boca Grande Summer Camp!
D.J. Keisling
Lee County Parks & Recreation
Friends of Boca Grande Community Center