Beware the oxymoron, my son!

May 6, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
As a proud homeowner and winter resident of Boca Bay for over 20 years, I found out from the letter to the Beacon by Skip Perry (April 29) that I am an ochlophobist.
Well, I have been called many things in my days, but this sounded interesting and exotic, so I rushed to the dictionary.
The definition is, “somebody afraid of large crowds and masses.”
So, since I dislike places like Venice or Naples in season, I am guilty as charged! And I certainly welcome any effort to keep Boca Grande as quiet and lovely and different.
Just a linguistic remark, if I may. When Mr. Perry rages against the “hoards of ochlophobists” descending in winter, he falls into a classic oxymoron trap. If you are an ocholophobist, you cannot be part of a hoard by definition!
So Mr. Perry, keep us entertained with your many philippics to the Beacon, but beware of oxymorons.
Giorgio Balzer
Boca Bay,
Boca Grande