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FIVE YEARS AGO A Port Charlotte youth visiting with a church group drowned at the south end of the island. In another scenario, two lives were saved from drowning when beachgoers formed a human chain (with some help from a pool noodle) out into the water. This incident occurred in the same spot where the […]

REMEMBRANCES: America in 1962, when the world almost ended

In the U.S., rumors were spreading that the Soviets were doing something in that island nation just 90 miles from our shores. But what? We had been sending U.S. Air Force U-2 spy planes over Cuba since the end of the failed Bay of Pigs mission, but the flights had been halted on September 10 due to highly publicized U-2 incidents elsewhere around the globe. When ground-based intelligence pointed to offensive missile sites, the overflights were reinstated on October 9, and on October 14, photographic evidence was gathered that the Soviets were indeed constructing medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic missile launchers there. After verification by CIA specialists on October 15, the President was notified of their findings on October 16.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Applications now open for Fall 2022 Gulf Coast Board Institute

Gulf Coast Community Foundation is now accepting applications for its October 2022 Fall Gulf Coast Board Institute (GCBI). The online application and overview for the program are available at This high-demand program is delivered through Gulf Coast’s Invest in Incredible consultants to active nonprofit board members in the Gulf Coast region. The deadline to apply for this governance training series for active nonprofit board members is Sunday, August 21.

St. James City Boat Ramp closed July 25 to January

Pine Island Commercial Marina, 6001 Maria Drive, Saint James City will close Monday, July 25, through the remainder of the year for improvements to include dredging, seawall replacement and installation of ADA parking spaces. The marina is expected to reopen in January.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Deadline for Charlotte County calendar submissions coming up

To highlight our wonderful natural environment, world-class facilities and our healthy, active residents, the theme of our 2023 county calendar will be “Active Outside.” We’re calling on the public to submit photos that feature people participating in outdoor activities, whether it’s sports, swimming, boating, beachcombing, bird watching, hiking, playing at the playground or whatever else you do you outdoors. We’ll select 15 photos to be featured in the 2023 “Active Outside” calendar.

ASK-A-DOC: Beat the heat – with summer in full swing, here are some ways to keep your cool

Make sure you’re getting in the water your body needs, which is likely to be more than what you need in other seasons. Our bodies try to cool down through the natural process of sweating, which can cause dehydration. This makes it essential to drink more water, especially if you’re working or exercising outdoors. Interestingly, CDC studies show that among U.S. adults, plain water intake is significantly lower in older adults.

The tarpon are here … where are all y’all anglers?

Right now the amount of tarpon in Boca Grande Pass is prolific, according to many local captains, but when you look out on the water, you’ll often see only two or three boats. While it’s a good thing that the tarpon population gets a rest after a busy season, there are still people who make their living guiding on the water and are ready to take clients out – and the tarpon are ready to be caught and put up a fight.

FWC makes numerous announcements important to Southwest Florida

At its July meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) covered a lot of ground, including redfish and amberjack regulations, shore nesting bird safety and how to handle injured wild animals. The (FWC) approved new management regions and regulation changes for redfish in state waters following the final rule hearing.  These regulation changes, […]