Will Tropical Storm Isaias come to visit?

July 31, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT- The tropics have become very active this year, and the first storm that looks as though it could be a threat to us is a potential tropical cyclone churning its way toward Florida the Atlantic Ocean.
According to meteorologists:
• Isaias is tracking in the direction of Florida – but plenty of uncertainties still exist – there is certainly no guarantee that we will see anything more than an increase in showers and thunderstorms;
  The system has many obstacles along the way including mountainous terrain of Hispaniola and some predicted southwesterly shear near Cuba;
• The biggest concern at this time is the potential for a period of strengthening that could occur if the storm is intact north of Cuba while approaching Florida. Again, not predicted by any of the models, but it has to be watched.
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