Turtle Tracts … Week 23

October 15, 2021
By Boca Beacon Reader

By Turtle Patroller Tonya Bramlage

Non-viable, unhatched nests are in the final weeks of excavation.

These nests have not produced a hatching 70 days after their creation. There are a multitude of natural environmental factors that could cause a nest to not hatch. A nest that is too close to the water may have been washed over by normal wave action or submerged for days during one of our summer storms. Whatever the case maybe a Boca Grande Sea Turtle volunteer will attempt to find the egg chamber and determine the cause and nature of its non-viability.

Turtle Patrol member Tracy Thompson said, “You have to focus on the importance of why we need to dig nests that didn’t hatch. All this information is documented and helps with research on how the population is bouncing back.”