Turtle patrol reports 15 nests relocated, new trailer for storage

June 7, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

The Boca Grande Sea Turtle Patrol reported 15 nests (12 between 2nd and 18th street and 3 at the South End from Gasparilla Island State Park) have now been moved due to the beach renourishment project. They have been moved to a safe location between 18th and 25th street.
Patrollers continue to monitor nests in the renourishment area and relocate as appropriate.
The patrol now has a new supply trailer that is parked on Lafitte, near the ranger station.
“We’re grateful to our community for the financial support that allowed us to purchase and rehab the trailer, and to Gary Larson, who spearheaded the project and did the lion’s share of the work,” said patroller Mel Csank. “This trailer will help keep our stakes dry and our volunteers safe from ants and scorpions that like to hide in our stake pile.”