Trump, Rubio take island polls

November 11, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

vote2016-540x250■ BY MARCY SHORTUSE
The U.S. Presidential election turnout was good in the Lee County portion of the island on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at Precinct 18. Boca Grande residents followed the trend for the presidential race, as well as the senatorial race, with Trump and Rubio pulling ahead of their opponents.
There were 340 votes for Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, while Hillary Clinton received 183. Jill Stein had three votes documented, and there were 13 write-ins. Trump won the country’s vote as the next president of the United States. Countywide, Trump took the vote by 58.07 percent.
Marco Rubio took the senate race with 447 island votes, while Patrick Murphy received 108.
There were four votes for Tony Khoury, three for Bruce Nathan. Rubio took the vote in Florida for that senate seat. In Lee County, Rubio won the vote by 63 percent. In the Representative in Congressional District 17 race, Francis Rooney came out ahead on the island with 437 votes, while Robert M. Neeld garnered 103 votes.
Countywide, Rooney won with 64 percent of the vote. In the race for State Senator of District 27, Lizbeth Benacquisto took Boca Grande’s vote with 468 votes. There were only three write-in votes. She ran unopposed and took the election. Ray Rodrigues took the island’s vote for State Representative of District 76 with 428 votes. Charles Messina received 74 votes.
Throughout Lee County, Rodrigues took 73 percent of the vote. Sheriff Mike Scott won island voters’ hearts with 460 votes, while James Didio received 66 votes. Scott took 74 percent of the vote overall in Lee County. In the County Commission race for District 3, Larry Kiker received 441 votes on the island. He ran unopposed other than three write-in votes.
In Lee County, Kiker received 96 percent of the vote. Frank Mann took the District 5 vote in Boca Grande with 397 votes. Diane Zigrossi received 90 votes, and Sonny Haas received 15 votes. In Lee County, Mann won the race with 61 percent of the vote over Zigrossi’s 31 percent.
Tommy Doyle will be Lee County’s new Supervisor of Elections, winning over incumbent Sharon Harrington. On island, Doyle received 224 votes to Harrington’s 174. In Lee County, Amendment 1, the “solar amendment,” did not pass. On island, people voted against it 327 to 199.
In the whole of Lee County, votes were actually 58 percent for the amendment, but it still failed to pass statewide. Amendment 2, the “medical marijuana amendment,” was voted in 330 to 202. Countywide, it was voted in at 71 percent, and it also passed statewide.
Amendments 3 and 5 regarding homestead exemptions for seniors and disabled first responders also passed countywide and statewide.
Other election results include: • Marva Crenshaw, District Court of Appeal: 282 votes of yes, 100 votes no (In total received a 70 percent yes and will serve) • Patricia Kelley, District Court of Appeal: 292 votes of yes, 86 votes of no (In total was retained with 74 percent of the vote) • Nelly Khouzam, District Court of Appeal: 276 votes of yes, 96 votes of no (In total was retained with 68 percent yes) • Matt Lucas, District Court of Appeal: 284 votes yes, 82 no (will serve by receiving 72 percent of the yes vote) • Robert Morris, District Court of Appeal: 278 yes, 86 no (In total received 71 percent of the yes vote) • Stevan Travis Northcutt, District Court of Appeal: 274 yes, 94 no (In total received 69 percent “yes” vote) • Samuel Salario Jr., District Court of Appeal: 279 yes, 85 no (will serve with a 70 percent “yes” vote) • Craig Villanti, District Court of Appeal: 282 yes, 80 no (In total received 71 percent “yes”) • Douglas Alan Wallace, District Court of Appeals: 280 yes, 81 no (71 percent yes vote throughout district)