The Royal Palm Players prescription for making social distancing fun

March 27, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

STAFF REPORT – If you’re bored because everything fun in Boca Grande has been canceled, then Royal Palm Players has an antidote: Audition.
That’s right. Audition for one of RPP’s shows next season by video. It’s easy to do and is exciting to focus on while stuck in the house. RPP directors invite you to submit a short video starring … who else but you?
There are audition pieces hand picked by RPP directors – Josh, Michael, Meryl, Kate, Tad and Dan; just pick what excites you. Do a short video performing any of the monologues or songs suggested below. You can even sing your own favorite song, as long as it is not a cappella. Practice in front of your mirror first. Then make your video and submit it to RPP.
Let them know which show awakens your inner actor. Every director has the opportunity to look at your video so you may get casting offers you don’t expect.
Everything you need to know about how to audition in self-isolation is described below. Just go to and you’re on your way to next season’s fun. By doing this, RPP promises to put together a 2020-2021 season starring new talent, beloved talent and some surprising talent, too.

RPP 2020-2021 Season:
Inherit the Wind
Presented in a Staged Reading Format
November 12-15, 2020
(rehearsals begin in late October)
Directed by Meryl Schaffer
Miracle on 34th Street: A Live Musical Radio Play (musical)
Presented in a Dinner Theatre Format
December 8-11, 15-18, 2020 and January 5-8, 2021
(rehearsals begin after Thanksgiving)
Directed by Kate Ingram
Presented as Part of the Literature Forum
January 14 & 15, 2021
(rehearsals begin in early January)
Directed by Dan Headington
TBD (Comedy)*
February 2021
(rehearsals in January and February)
Directed by Tad Ingram
*Please note, currently seeking additional titles. A final decision will not be made about this play until after auditions.
The Fantasticks (musical)*
March 9-14, 2021
(rehearsals in January and February)
Directed by Joshua Chase Gold
Musical Direction by Michael Raabe
*Please note there will be gender swapping in this production. There are also minimal singing and non-singing roles that are available. All are encouraged to audition.
Go to the Auditions page on the website at
for all the information you need to audition by the April 10 deadline.
At, just click on the AUDITION link and it will take you to everything you will need.
When you click that link, you will find three folders. One titled “INFORMATION on the shows,” one titled “MONOLOGUES to choose from,” and one titled “SONGS to choose from.” The “INFORMATION” folder will give you more background on each show, character descriptions, and further detailed rehearsal information. Please take a close look at this folder.
The “MONOLOGUES” and “SONGS” folders will give you all you need to audition with. If you are interested in non-singing roles (even the non-singing roles in the musical), only pick a monologue. If you are interested in both singing and non-singing roles, or only singing roles, you must pick a monologue and a song.
In the “MONOLOGUES” folder you will find monologues from several of the shows. However, you only need to pick one monologue that you like. The age, gender, or show doesn’t matter. What we want to see is something you feel shows you off best! This is a great way to audition for all the shows at the same time! Have fun and be bold, you never know what a director is looking for!
Then (if you are interested in a musical), you will pick one cutting of a song from the “SONGS” folder. For each song you will have a “practice version” and an “audition version.” Additionally, there is as PDF with the lyrics and notes, if you read music. The practice version has the melody played out for you to help you learn the song and prepare for your audition. When you audition, you will use the “audition version,” which has only the accompaniment. Alternatively, you may audition with a cutting of a song of your choosing, but it cannot be a cappella. You must be singing to music (whether it’s a karaoke track, or someone playing live for you). We want to hear what you sound like with music! If you choose your own song, please limit your selection to one minute or less.
Once you have made your selections and are prepared for your audition, you will then record yourself. Don’t be intimidated – this is exciting! It means you can do as many takes as you’d like! You can record yourself on your phone, iPad, or computer. Someone who you are isolating with can do the recording for you, or you can set your recording device against something stationary.
If you are also singing, you’ll want to have another device nearby to play the music.
Some tips on recording an audition: 1) Make sure we can see you from the waist up (not just your head); 2) Look at the camera as if it were your scene partner; 3) Try to avoid background noise so we can hear you well!
At the beginning of your video, please say:

  1. Your full name
  2. What show or shows you are interested in participating in (and if there are any specific roles you are interested in)
  3. What audition material you have chosen

Once you have recorded it, check to make sure everything recorded correctly, and email it to Kathy at . The deadline to submit your audition video is Friday, April 10 at 5 p.m. If you are able to submit it earlier, please, please, please do. We’re all stuck at home anyway.
Break legs!