The Boca Grande Community Planning Association survey Part V: The last two questions

May 22, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

STAFF REPORT – This is the last in a series of articles on results from the online survey filled out by Boca Grande residents, business owners and workers. 54 percent of respondents were full -time island residents, 42 percent were seasonal residents, and the remainder were not residents of the island. Forty percent of respondents either work, own a business or work as a volunteer on the island.

Now that community sentiment has been measured, the BGCPA will begin writing proposed revisions and additions to the existing Boca Grande Community Plan. When a first draft is ready, it will be made available for the community to read and respond to.  The BGCPA will then hold community meetings in person or online to discuss the proposals.

“We have a lot of work to do,” said Peter Solmssen, president of the BGCPA, “and we’re still open to comments and suggestions through our email address at”

There are two questions on the survey that have not yet been covered by the Boca Beacon. Two areas from the survey results are being reported on here: Safety of the bicycle path south ofFirst Street and noise. Noise, in particular the noise of gasoline-powered leafblowers, has been an island topic for many years. Some owners, like the Silver King Condominium Association, require the use of electric leafblowers, which are much quieter than gasoline-powered leafblowers. However, many landscapers prefer gasoline-powered leafblowers because they are simpler to use. Requiring electric leafblowers or limiting the times during the day when gas-powered leafblowers may be used are restrictions that have been adopted in other communities, as several survey responders observed.

There are other sources of noise, as many respondents pointed out: Social events, construction and commercial vehicles.

And there is an existing Lee County noise ordinance. The Boca Grande Community’s response to a question about noise can be seen in the adjacent graph.

The remaining question on the survey related to the bike path south of First Street, which is not owned or maintained by the GICIA but by Lee County. The issue of the safety of the Lee County bike path prompted many comments about golf cart safety generally. Speeding, underage drivers and unsafe driving were the topics both in response to this question and in the general comments section of the survey.

The BGCPA received comments on topics not covered by the survey: parking, a drainage plan, fertilizer use, home delivery by the post office and Wi-Fi for the island, among others.

One of the most pungent comments was, “If you are still running for student council president go back to high school.”