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Tarpon pull at LBC looking for volunteers

March 17, 2022
By Tonya Bramlage
In 2011, Lemon Bay Conservancy member and tour guide Dr. Bill Dunson made an unusual discovery at the preserve in Placida while exploring the newly built trails with his son. Together they observed 3 out of 9 ponds at the preserve were in fact tidal ponds. Additionally, the two also saw that there was a naturally formed, mangrove protected , nursery for juvenile tarpon and snook. The near oxygen free ,brackish water, which is found there is highly suitable to the survival needs of the very small tarpon.Adult tarpon are thought to spawn far offshore during the summer months. They have unique larvae that allow them to travel at sea for a couple of months, giving them time to make their way into the far reaches of the coastal landscape. 

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