Suffering from red tide? You’re not alone

March 16, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

For the last three months islanders have been experiencing a mix of symptoms due to a large red tide bloom just offshore of Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee counties, which now extends farther south to Collier County. Within the last two weeks you may have noticed your throat is a little more sore and your cough is a little worse, and that’s because of cooler weather bringing stronger winds.
Lately the wind has been shifting from its northeasterly direction in the morning to a more northwesterly direction in the afternoon, which carries the red tide through the air and into our noses.
Right now our red tide levels are considered to be moderate, but people with breathing problems those who find themselves more susceptible in general should try to avoid being outside in the afternoon in coastal areas.
The good news is, no fish kills have been reported in the last week on our beaches.
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