St. Andrew’s one of many churches to help Apostles Build 2019

January 25, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

On Saturday, Jan 12 St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church parishioner John Lovo led a band of 22 volunteers who installed exterior wall sheathing for a new three-bedroom, two-bath single-family home in Port Charlotte. This simple concrete slab home is the eighth that St. Andrew’s has built as part of the nine-church Apostles Build program coordinated by Jan Nick at Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity in Punta Gorda. Lighthouse United Methodist Church of Boca Grande is one of the nine churches participating in the Apostles Build program. The Methodist Church will perform their part of the build in mid-February.
Each year St Andrew’s dedicates ten percent of its revenue to charitable outreach activities with a focus on housing for the poor and combatting hunger.
Volunteers from St. Andrew’s and their friends who couldn’t say “no” to this worthy cause labored at the Port Charlotte site Saturday, beginning at 8:30 a.m. Volunteers included John and Kim Lovo, Bud DeWane, Nigel Spencer-Barnes, Randy Eddy, Peggy and Harlan Stanley, Gail and Jerry Miller, Libby Frazier, Mike and Bert Rowan, Jean and Jack Johnson, Denny Parker, Skip Kight, Regina Rockefeller, Jacque Hoyt, Jay Whipple, Tom Murrian, Jr., Star Whitney and John Blanchette.
Volunteers outfitted with work gloves, hard-soled work shoes, optional hearing protection, sunscreen and sunglasses worked a 4.5 hour shift under the supervision of three Habitat for Humanity foremen. The workers fitted and marked window and exterior wall cutouts and cutoffs and permanently placed and fastened by hand plywood sheets to the one-story home’s stud frames. Others equally dedicated but less handy with a hammer cleared trash from the construction site, drew lines with large T-squares to mark where nails needed to be pounded, discarded plywood scraps and distributed fresh water to the parched workers.
“This year, ten of our volunteers are women,” said volunteer Regina Rockefeller. “Our parish is largely composed of persons older than 65. Age is no barrier to hammering nails into plywood sheathing on a one-story house.”
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church invites its parishioners and others to participate in its many outreach activities. Contact St. Andrew’s Volunteer Coordinator Pam Olivero at 964-2257 for more information.