Have you seen the holes in the road? It’s ok, it’s a GIWA thing

December 1, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

If you’ve noticed the two holes in the road on Park Avenue just outside The Temptation Restaurant, don’t fret: They won’t be there much longer.
The repair to the road is due to a gravity sewerline that was starting to collapse and form a sinkhole.
“Basically, the sand was going into the pipes, so we had to dig the sewer- line up and replace it,” said Bonnie Pringle, executive director at Gasparilla Island Water Association.
The pavement will not be patched until next week.
In the meantime, the contract company wants more cars to drive across the road where the repairs were done to help flatten and solidify the dirt beneath the surface and help secure the sewerline and pipes in place.
Pringle said the project should be completed by next week.