School is in session this week at TIS

August 12, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Boca Grande’s Island School students were jubilant to return if the noise level was any indication on Wednesday, Aug. 10. This year 60 children reported for their first day of classwork.
There are 10 children in the TIS kindergarten class, six in first grade, 14 in second grade, 14 in third grade, eight in fourth grade and eight in fifth grade.
The Island School is a Lee County charter school, founded in 2000. Children who attend the school have island ties, whether through residence or through a parent working here. The school focuses on developing critical-thinking skills, building strong communication and computation skills, maintaining strong decision-making and problem-solving skills and fostering a love of learning for life.
“Our instructional staff has all returned this year, and we have our maximum capacity of 60 children,” said Head-of-School Jean Thompson. “Over the summer they all attended an online class with Dr. William Glasser regarding choice theory, thanks to a grant from the Boca Grande Woman’s Club. We are always trying to learn different ways to engage our kids.”
Choice theory regards personal behavior in children and teaches them things such as the fact that they are the only person who can control their behavior, and that we are driven as humans by basic needs: survival, love, belonging, power, freedom and fun.
Teachers at The Island School include Megan O’Connor (kindergarten), Tammy Tieu (first grade), Rebecca Blalock (second grade), JT Tremaine (third, fourth and fifth), Nicole Tillotson (third, fourth and fifth), Reading Specialist Judy Still, Spanish Teacher Kimberly Deins, Music Teacher Diana Donlon, Afterschool Director Angela Colosimo, and paraprofessionals Karen Kelley, Jennifer Goslowski and Sarah Moore.
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