Rubio takes Boca Grande’s primary, Kasich second

March 18, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

Marco Rubio may not have been terribly popular anywhere other than Miami in his home state of Florida, but he was pretty well loved in Boca Grande as well. The results are in from the Boca Grande primary election, held at Precinct 18 within the Boca Grande Community Center, and Rubio was the leader for Republican candidates with 174 votes, 55 better than the runner-up.
After Rubio, Ohio governor John Kasich came in with 119 votes. Donald Trump was third with 111 votes. Sen. Ted Cruz garnered 22 votes.
Even though they weren’t still in the running, Jeb Bush got five votes, Rand Paul got two votes, and Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina each got one vote.
As you might imagine, the Democratic turnout on the Lee County side of the island was considerably sparser. Hillary Clinton received 41 votes and Sen. Sanders received 15.
Over at the American Legion in Rotonda, where Gasparilla Island’s Charlotte County residents go to vote, Trump was the big winner with 51.47 percent of the vote, while Rubio was second with 24.84 percent and Kasich third with 11.27 percent.
In the Democratic primary, Clinton took 69.96 percent and Sanders had 27.47 percent of the vote.