Rubio favored in primary in Boca Grande and state as well

September 2, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse


Precinct 18 at the Boca Grande Community Center logged approximately 70 voters in on August 30 primary. Many of them, it appears, were Rubio and Benacquisto supporters. In the Republican United States Senatorial race, Lee County island residents cast 48 votes for Marco Rubio, 3 for Carlos Beruff, 3 for Dwight Mark Anthony Young and 2 for Ernie Rivera.

There were no under or over votes, for a total of 56 votes cast. Rubio took the Lee County vote in the primary with almost 68 percent, with Beruff in second place at 22 percent. Rubio also won the state primary with 72 percent of the vote.

In the Republican Representative race for Congress in District 19, Chauncey Goss received 25 votes, Francis Rooney 22 and Dan Bongino 5. There were no over votes, but there were four under votes. Rooney actually won the Lee County vote with 50 percent, while Goss had 32.59 percent of the vote and Bongino had 17 percent. Rooney won the Florida primary with 52.7 percent of the vote.

For the District 27 State Senator race, Lizbeth Benacquisto received 41 votes and Jason Maughan received 7. There were eight under votes. Benacquisto also took the election countywide with 68.59 percent of the vote. In the Republican race for sheriff, Mike Scott scooped island votes with 50, while Stephanie Eller received 3. There were three under votes. Scott won the countywide primary with 85 percent of the vote.

In the District 3 board of county commissioners’ race, Dick Anderson received 20 votes, while incumbent Larry Kiker received 18. There were 18 under votes in that race.
Countywide it was a very tight race, with Kiker receiving 50.78 percent of the vote and Anderson receiving 49.22 percent of the vote. In the District 5 county commission race, Frank Mann received 28 votes, Ken Dobson received 15 votes, and there were 13 under votes.
Lee County voters overall had Mann in their favor, and he took 54 percent of the vote. Nancy McGovern took the top spot in the Republican State Committeewoman race with 21 votes, while Doris Cortese received 9. In that race there were 26 under votes. McGovern took the race overall in Lee County with 69.45 percent of the vote. In the Democratic Senate race, Patrick Murphy took six island votes, Alan Grayson took three and Pam Keith took three. Murphy won countywide with 53 percent of the vote. Murphy took the statewide primary vote with 58.9 percent.
In the LPF Senate race, there were no votes cast for any of the candidates, which included Augustus Invictus and Paul Stanton. Stanton beat Invictus in the Lee County primary with 78.76 percent of the vote. In the Lee County Judge race, Archie B. Hayward Jr. received 31 votes and Leah Harwood received 13. There were 26 under votes in that race. Throughout Lee County polling places, Hayward won the primary with 53. 72 percent of the vote, while Harwood received 46.28 percent. In the race for Lee County Supervisor of Elections, Sharon Harrington received 26 votes, Tommy Doyle received 18 votes, Dan Sinclair received 4, James Hefren received 3 and Carmen Salome received 2. There were 17 under votes in that race. Harrington won the vote countywide with 43 percent. Doyle had 33.46 percent. In the Lee County School Board District 6 race, Don Armstrong received 10 votes, Charles Dailey received 9 and Richard Dunmire received 5.
There were 33 under votes. Candidate Jane Kuckel won the county vote with 42.83 percent. In the Lee County School Board District 7 race, Chris Quackenbush had 16 votes, Betsy Vaughn received 10, Cathleen Morgan had 9, Derrick Donnell 2 and Guido A. Minaya 2. There were 31 under votes in that race. Morgan won the Lee County primary with 32.68 percent of the vote. In the vote for Constitutional Amendment 4, which addressed solar devices or renewable energy source devices and their exemption from certain taxation and assessment, 42 people voted yes and 24 voted no.
There were four under votes. Countywide that vote was won by 71 percent. Amendment 4 also passed statewide in the primary, with 73 percent of Floridians voting yes. There are 408,457 voters in Lee County, but only 117,687 voters turned out for this primary. At the American Legion Post #113 in Rotonda, where Charlotte County residents of Gasparilla Island go to vote, 245 Republican votes were cast.
There were 52 Democratic votes and 26 “other” votes.
No more specific voting information is available as of press time.