Rico rescue: SHS works on a mission to rescue many, one little black dog comes home with them

July 24, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Last week, the Suncoast Humane Society shelter met an unexpected change when their crew set out to rescue four dozen dogs from Puerto Rico. 
Island Dog Rescue previously revealed an extensive rescue mission for many cats and dogs from the island who were left to roam without any shelter space.
Along with other shelters, Suncoast was overprepared for their intake. They set out with a climate-controlled truck and a crew of three to complete the rescue. The rescued animals braved a trip from Puerto Rico to Miami, where they were met by multiple animal organizations prepared to take them in. 
Despite 300 animals being extracted from an uninhabitable environment, Suncoast returned with only one dog on July 16. 
Suncoast Humane Society CEO Maureen O’Nell spoke about their single rescue in her latest statement. “There was no way, after making such a brave journey, that he was going to get left behind again. As a single passenger in a 26-foot truck, we brought our guy home that morning. He is going to need a lot of care, and we will give it to him.”
The black pup was found leashed to a fence prior to his rescue. Frightened and limping, he was taken in by Suncoast and is to be further examined on a medical level. 
The Suncoast team came together to name him by vote, and “Rico” was the popular choice. 
“There are still a few unknowns regarding his medical needs,” O’Nell said. “He tested high positive for heartworm disease and is scheduled for X-rays of his right leg and shoulder. He is going to need extensive care, and we are fully prepared and committed to help Rico.”
Along with their no-kill policy, Suncoast is determined to give Rico the care and protection he deserves.
To donate toward Rico’s recovery or for more information, visit humane.org.
Photo courtesy of SHS