Range Light – a ghostly figure

December 9, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

I f you’ve visited the beach near the range light recently, you have probably not only seen but heard the progress workers are making on the restoration project over the past couple of weeks.
Razorback, LLC recently fitted the range light with a covered tented top. The protected material was put on the structure to contain any possible flying debris from the restoration project and to hold in the rust and paint while workers replace the metal and put on primer.
Barrier Island Parks Society Executive Director Sharon McKenzie said workers have already sanded and prepped the interior, and now they’re starting to work on the exterior of the light.
“They expect to be done with the majority of the painting before Christmas. We are more than 50 percent complete on the entire project. We are still $400,000 short of our goal of $1,783,000. But we’re very excited about the progress we have made and deeply thank those who have contributed,” she said.