PROFILE: Annette Adams

November 20, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

She has a knack for being a healer…
BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Banyan Tree Pilates and Yoga has recruited a new massage therapist to join in on body and mind healing. Annette Adams shared what it’s like to learn the power of energy healing and the importance of letting your body heal itself.
Raised in West Virginia, Annette is a soul of the south. She grew up in one of the oldest towns in the state but dreamed of living in paradise. By 2013, she moved to Venice, Fla. and then St. Augustine.
Annette has lived for many years in Florida, but she couldn’t compare her experiences to what she has now in our seaside town.
“St. Augustine was beautiful, and the town would be decked out in a million lights for the holidays, but there’s nothing like being in Southwest Florida,” she said.
Annette spent many years as a stay-at-home mother to her four children, but she lived a double life of sorts. Annette was an experienced manager of small businesses, and her work came naturally to her. But she was fascinated by the study of healing. She was certified in holistic nutrition and dispensed her passion for energy studies in a multitude of ways.
She enjoys being able to help people through massage therapy.
“It can bring people relief. Energy healing and massage therapy can calm the nervous system enough for it to heal itself.”
On November 4, Annette started at Banyan Tree Yoga and Pilates to work as a massage therapist and receptionist. She has been excited to dive into her first season on the island. She credits her excitement to the welcoming atmosphere of her team and workplace.
“The owners, Jan and Ron, are two of the nicest people I’ve met. Ron is also from West Virginia and that explains some of our commonalities,” she laughed. “I’ve never worked in a yoga and Pilates studio before, but I look forward to getting to know everyone.”
Annette is intrigued by the fitness classes and plans to attend a lesson or two in the near future.
She described the studio as mindful of keeping the community safe. They have continued to maintain and operate with health as the top priority. Classes have been limited by capacity and offered online.
The staff takes extra precautions and cleans surfaces frequently.
“It’s about taking care of our clients and keeping safety as our top priority,” she said.
Annette preaches good vitamins and a healthy lifestyle for maintaining one’s immune system.
Through healing work and reiki massage therapy classes, Annette has let her passion drive her career. Before she knew it, she was learning how to harvest a type of inexplicable healing power from the metaphysical realm.
“Energy transfers. We can absorb negative energy around us,” she said.
Annette described the power of visualizing energy cleansing.
“Water can also cleanse your field of energy. Burning sage can purify the air. It can facilitate emotional releases of energy. The same goes for massage therapy, which can clear emotions just as well.”
Annette mentioned the positive effect negative ions can have on one’s mindset. These negative ions are found in abundance in environments like the beach. They are believed to produce biochemical reactions to change the way we think or feel, in terms of sadness, stress and our overall energy.
“We need those ocean ions!” she exclaimed.
When asked about healing stones and crystals, Annette was no stranger to the topic. Of all the semiprecious stones such as selenite, jade, smoky quartz, citrine and tourmaline, labradorite is her favorite crystal.
Annette declares labradorite to be a miracle worker. Its healing properties keep her grounded. The crystal itself appears as an array of iridescent colors, depending on how the light hits it. Its dark core mirrors an opaque exterior, almost like a rainbow in smoke.
However, Annette has an interest in other crystals and their healing possibilities. Jade is described as having healing properties that associate with the heart. It is said to lift spirits and resonate with the heart chakra so one can receive unconditional love.
Selenite is another crystal Annette is fond of. With its cloudy white composition, selenite is a supposed purifier. It is believed to cleanse high chakras such as the crown chakra for a clearer mindset.
When examining practices, Annette explains that the healing comes from within.
“It’s all about setting your intentions,” she explained.
Annette also enjoys the practice of reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing by utilizing an invisible flow of energy.
“Most people understand prayer, which holds a similar concept of universal energy,” she said.
Annette studies energy transfer to strengthen her understanding of how people heal.
“It’s important that people have an effective response to a healing technique.”
In her free time, Annette enjoys connecting with her spirituality and expanding her knowledge through a good book. As an avid reader, she finds it easy to absorb information she is passionate about. She has a knack for lifting moods.
Of course, a good book can’t quite compete with her love of being out on the water.
“I wouldn’t make it in a city, especially at this time, when we’re fortunate to be within reach of the beach in 365 days of warm weather,” said Annette. “I am blessed to live in this beautiful area.”
Annette also shares her love with five grandchildren.
“Now I’m a grandma of five grandbabies,” she said with a smile.
Most of her family is missing her from West Virginia, but she takes the distance with a grain of salt.
“At least we have the technology to talk and see each other’s faces. It wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t talk to them each day.”