Primary election results in for Gasparilla Island

March 18, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

The presidential primary results are in for both Lee and Charlotte County portions of Gasparilla Island.
In Lee County the voter turnout was 24.39 percent county-wide; in the Republican primary 92.94 percent voted for Donald J Trump and in the Democratic primary Joe Biden took 57.05 percent of the primary vote. Michael Bloomberg took 13.25 percent and Bernie Sanders took 19.74 percent.
In our precinct, 142 Republican voters turned out and 115 Democrats entered the booth. In the Democratic primary Joe Biden took 79.13 percent of the vote, Michael Bloomberg had 7.83 percent and Bernie Sanders had 9.57 percent of the vote. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg each got .87 percent. Elizabeth Warren received 1.74 percent of the vote. 
In the Republican primary for Precinct 18 Donald J Trump received 88.03 percent of the vote, Bill Weld got 7.75 percent, Joe Walsh received 2.82 percent and Rocky de la Fuente received 1.41 percent of the vote.
In Charlotte County’s Precinct 78 in Rotonda, where the Charlotte County portion of the island’s voters go, there were 146 Democratic votes and 154 Republican votes. There were five “no party affiliation” votes.
As of Election night, no breakdown by candidate was available for Charlotte County voters in Precinct 78.
In Charlotte County overall the voting turnout was just less than 20 percent.