Power lines down, a fight that really wasn’t, boating issues and a bug in the ear

September 10, 2021
By Staff Report

On Thursday, Sept. 2 firefighters responded to the area of 14th Street and Gasparilla Road at approximately 3 p.m. for downed power lines. When they arrived, they found that a truck had become entangled with the lines, which were possibly hanging lower than usual due to wind and rain. Firefighters also witnessed several vehicles driving under and over the downed lines, which extended from 13th Street down to 14th Street, across Gasparilla Road to the bike path.

Always remember to stay in your vehicle if you have been involved in an accident involving power lines laying across or around your vehicle, as there is a great risk for electrocution. Never drive underneath a power line that has come loose, and never drive over one. Even if a power line appears to be “dead,” understand that there are many factors that could change that situation and make the line “live” in a split second.

On Saturday, Sept. 4 at approximately 7 p.m. firefighters and Lee County EMS responded to the 700 block of Gulf Boulevard for a call of a fight between a male and a female that left the male bleeding from the head. Upon arrival it was determined the altercation was actually between two males, and one of them had left the premises. There was no transport.

On Sunday, Sept. 5 firefighters responded by boat to a call of a watercraft collision in local waters involving a 17-foot boat with two people on board, including a 4-year-old. The caller said the boat was running aground because it was low tide.

Pine Island Fire got to the call first and completed the citizen assist.

On Tuesday, Sept. 7 at approximately 9 p.m. the fire department and Lee County EMS responded to a call of a bug in the ear of a 25-year-old woman on Harbor Drive.

There was no transport.

There were also several ambulance calls for people with breathing issues, and one call of a person who had cut their leg and passed out. The fire department responded to several citizen assist calls and alarms as well.