Parking rangers kept busy with improper parkers

February 22, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

If you’ve wondered about the new Lee County government SUVs roaming island streets in the last few months, they are the Lee County parking rangers who patrol county beach accesses, parking areas, the Boca Grande Community Center park and the Lee County portion of the ‘Pink Docks” (the 5th Street Guide Docks).
“Parking rangers issue citations on park ordinances and parking violations for 1st Street through 19th Street, at the Community Center, at the fishing pier, and the park properties off Wheeler Road and the guide docks,” said Tim Engstrom, Lee County’s communications specialist. “They do not arrest people, but they work closely with Lee County Sheriff’s Office, which has that authority.”
The two rangers – Daniel Kacynski and Jesse Kanuch – have written 57 citations since December 1, 2018. Those tickets include one violation for “accessible parking,” 24 violations for “unathorized parking” and 32 violations for “other unauthorized parking.”
If you are parked at a county beach access, you must parallel park along the sides of the street. Cars may not park two, three or four abreast. You must also park behind the signs that say “no vehicles past this point.”
Stay safe and follow the rules, and you won’t have to meet Daniel or Jesse.