OBITUARY: Michael Calahan

May 4, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

Michael (“Mike”) A. Calahan, formerly of Boca Grande, died unexpectedly at his home in Fort Lauderdale on April 17, 2021.
Mike and his wife, Midge, built a home in Boca Bay in the mid-1990s and resided there on a seasonal basis for almost 20 years, sharing residences between Holland, Michigan, Lexington, Kentucky, and Boca Grande. Following the death of his wife, Mike moved permanently to Fort Lauderdale Beach to be close to, and spend time with, his son and family.
Mike was born in Holland, Michigan on June 25, 1940. He graduated from Michigan State University and went on to serve in the Army National Guard for six years. He established his printing ink business in 1974 and, after a successful entrepreneurship, retired in 2009.
He and Midge lived in St Croix for many years before moving to Boca Grande. Both had a passion for horses and horse racing.
Mike was an avid golfer and a founding member of the Coral Creek Club, where he played golf regularly throughout his residence in Boca Grande.
He is survived by his son, Jeff Calahan, his daughter-in-law, Janira, his granddaughter, Erin, and grandson, Evan.