Not all Isles residents are in favor of weight increases

May 15, 2015
By Boca Beacon

To the Editor:
We read in last week’s Boca Beacon that you have received a letter from the President of the Boca Grande Isles Property Owners’ Association stating that residents of the Isles were in favor of increasing the weight limit on the new bridge.
We have lived on the Isles for 13 years and we are not in favor of raising the weight limits on the bridge. To the best of our knowledge, no survey of Isles residents has ever been taken in regard to this question.
We believe that the Isles residents have been forced to consider a costly replacement of our bridge because of the threat of the increased weight limits. We believe our bridge would last a good deal longer in its present, well-cared for condition.
In the last 13 years, many large construction projects such as The Island School, the Methodist Church, and many imposing residences have been successfully completed in spite of the present weight restrictions. There have been no apparent economic hardships to the detriment of our Island.
We believe the GIBA should act as a good neighbor in considering the impact of increased weight loads on the Island roads and traffic patterns. (Fortunately there have been no calls for fire trucks on Thursdays when the hardware distributor is making a delivery to Barnichol’s.)
We cherish a special way of life on Boca Grande and realize that some choices are hard and not always expedient. We urge you to continue to impose weight restrictions for traffic coming on to the Island.
Sincerely yours,
William and Vicky Winterer
Boca Grande