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New Allen organ at Lighthouse United Methodist

January 12, 2024
By Garland Pollard

This week, Lighthouse United Methodist Church installed a new organ, an Allen GX340.

The digital organ, which resembles a traditional organ with pull stops, can have up to six different organ style settings, from some of the most noted historic organ sounds, including Skinner. It has no pipes, but it does have traditional pull stops, so it plays and sounds like an organ.

“You can decide what works best in the room,” said Philip Eyrich, the church’s director of music ministries. “It gives you lots more colors to paint with.”

Each of the stops has its own analog sound, just like a traditional organ, but the new Allen is less an instrument than it is an electronic device.

“Every voice speaks independently,” said Eyrich.

The old organ needed replacement, as its parts could have failed at any time. When they decided to get the new organ, they decided to improve some of the acoustics with new speakers. The new ones project out to the congregation, rather than down above the altar.

“All the sound would collect on the stage,” said Eyrich.

Until it debuts on Sunday, part of the process is properly voicing the organ, which they are working on this week.

“Over half of it is getting the right audio system in.” Said Eyrich. “It’s less about instruments, and more about the room.”