Memories, stories of war sought

August 5, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

Civil War Memories web■ BY SUE ERWIN
If you have memories of what it was like to live during World War I or World War II, now is the time to make an important contribution and be part of a publication that will share your story with future generations.
Friends of Boca Grande Community Center has partnered with Barbara Edgerton to assist you in putting your article together and making it ready to be part of a historical booklet.
Edgerton worked with island residents and helped publish a book titled “Civil Way Memories: A Compilation of 150 Years of Remembrances from the families of Boca Grande Residents.” It was printed in 2013 in association with a program called “Civil War Reflections” sponsored by the Friends of Boca Grande Community Center.
“I’m on the board of ‘Friends,’ and a few years ago I was asked by someone to step forward and manage the project. The first booklet was printed in 2013. We’d like to keep compiling family stories about local residents and their relatives for another book this year,” Edgerton said.
If you have any stories to share about friends or family members who served in a war or as soldiers overseas, you’re encouraged to put pen to paper and share it with the rest of the community.
So far, Edgerton said, she has 22 stories ready to print in the new book. And she hopes to get more soon. Plans are underway to present a program at the Boca Grande Community Center this coming season on the world wars.
“I’m asking anyone who might have personal experiences to share them with us – even if it is about a family member or a close friend, those are all very important, too,” she said. O
rganizers are hoping to publish a book in time for the opening program. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit future projects of Friends of Boca Grande Community Center.
Contact Barbara Edgerton for help with writing your story. Email her at or call 703-734-8528. For more information on the project, visit